Multifamily Development

Brick Work delivers comprehensive reports detailing the developmental prospects of various sites through land use analysis.

Report Plans 



$500 Per Report

By-right and Density Bonus Calculations

Interpret Conditions, Ordinances, Specific Plans, etc.

100% Affordable Housing

Up to 7 Adjoining Lots

CA Housing Bill Review

$0 /month


2 Reports Per Month

Billed Monthly ($250 monthly, automatically renews each month, cancel anytime)

Expert Calculations

Access to KTGY Concept Massing Study

Market to Developers

Land Use Analyst Consultation

Include Our Reports in Marketing Materials

$250 /month


4 Reports Per Month

Billed Monthly ($500 monthly, automatically renews each month, cancel anytime)

Expert Calculations

Access to KTGY Concept Massing

Market to Developers
Prospect for Development Listings
Include Our Reports in Marketing Materials

Land Use Analyst Consultation

$500 /month

Multifamily Development

Get a complete understanding of the zoning requirements and
restrictions for your property

There are many overlays that can hinder your development potential

Specific Plans, Ordinances, Q conditions, D limitations, Historic designations and much more. We help take all of these into account when we underwrite and determine what you are allowed to build.

More detailed analysis of the property

Land use zoning reports calculate the maximum buildable areas and units that can be constructed within the project site, depending on zoning requirements.

The reports take into consideration all of the elements that influence development potential. This approach works towards achieving maximum value for your investment property.

Why You Need Zoning Reports


Drive more developers

Real Estate Agents can drive more developers to their listings and provide accurate info.

Analyze properties

Developers can use reports to quickly prospect and determine which properties fit their criteria.

Verify data

Investors can verify the data for projects.

Utilize incentives

Increase the development potential of your site by allowing bonuses for Height, Setbacks, Density, Floor Area, and more.

Cost effective

Land use consultants and attorneys charge thousands of dollars.

Reliable source

Our team stays updated on any changes to the municipal code.

Client Testimonials


Working with Brick Work gives me transparency into precisely what you can potentially build on the site, if its located in an opportunity zone, and who you need to contact in the local government. The first thing I do when I am working on a potential deal is to run it thru Brick Work. Recently they helped me closed on a $35,000,000 deal in south Los Angeles, and I will continue to use them in the future.

James Daughrity

Daughrity Real Estate

Brick Work has been a very useful tool for me and my team. We especially appreciate their quick turnaround time and their availability to answer our questions.

Laurie Lustig-Bower


We were Brick Work’s first user in 2018, since then we have closed on 44 land deals and underwritten hundreds more with their help.

Filip Niculete

Marcus Millichap


Provide answers to questions that people ask the most.

What is the typical turnaround time for a report?
We aim to turn around our reports within two business days but can be longer depending on the factors which can include conflicting information from the city which will require waiting for clarification from city planning.
When are your analyst available to answer my questions?
Our team is available to answer questions emailed to us. We will roll out phone and Zoom consultations as part of our paid plan features soon.
I love the information on the report, but how do I get started on the next step?

You can register as a new user here

How can I order a report for multiple sites combined together?
When requesting a report you can enter in the additional addresses and parcel numbers. You can also email us directly to confirm.