December 17, 2023

In a city where the skyline is often marked by cranes and new developments, the issue of homelessness remains a stark contrast to the growth and prosperity that Los Angeles represents. However, with the recent signing of Emergency Directive 1 (ED-1) by Mayor Bass, there’s a renewed sense of hope and urgency in addressing this longstanding crisis.

What is ED-1?

Emergency Directive 1 is a comprehensive approach aimed at tackling the housing and homelessness challenges in Los Angeles. The directive recognizes the urgent need for action and lays out a strategic plan to accelerate the creation of more shelters and streamline housing projects.

Why is it Important?

The directive is not just about building more houses; it’s about creating communities and providing support to the most vulnerable populations in our city. With a focus on rapid and effective solutions, ED-1 represents a critical step in ensuring that every Angeleno has access to safe, affordable housing.

Maximizing Density

ED-1 allows projects to utilize the maximum allowable base density according to the zoning ordinance, specific plan, zoning overlay, or General Plan land use designation. This approach ensures that new developments can house more people, addressing the pressing need for more living spaces in our dense urban environment. Developers should check ZIMAS for site-specific zoning information.

Rethinking Parking Requirements

In a significant shift towards sustainable urban planning, ED-1 offers parking reductions consistent with various affordable housing programs. Notably, 100% affordable housing projects near major transit stops are exempt from parking space requirements under AB 2345 and AB 2097. This not only promotes the use of public transit but also allows for more efficient land use.

Height Incentives for Sustainable Development

Under AB 2334, projects located in areas with very low vehicle travel are eligible for an additional height incentive of three stories or 33 feet. This amendment to the State Density Bonus law encourages vertical growth in appropriate areas, providing more housing options without expanding the city’s footprint.

Looking Ahead

As Los Angeles embarks on this ambitious yet necessary journey, the success of ED-1 will depend on the continued support and involvement of the entire community. It’s a reminder that in the face of adversity, our city is capable of coming together to make meaningful change.

Let’s stay informed, get involved, and support the initiatives that aim to make Los Angeles a city where everyone has a place to call home.