July 7, 2024

How is LA’s ED-1 Program Transforming Affordable Housing?



**Build More, Build Higher**
ED-1 allows unlimited density in certain areas. Developers can now build many more units on a single plot, dramatically increasing housing supply.


**Micro Units: Small Spaces, Big Impact**
Smaller, more affordable apartments are now encouraged. These micro units offer lower rents, perfect for singles or small families, maximizing land use.


**Goodbye, Parking Requirements**
New developments don’t need to include parking. This cuts construction costs significantly and frees up more space for actual housing.


**Developers are Jumping In**
These changes have sparked a flood of new projects. Developments that weren’t financially viable before are now getting the green light.


**Faster Approvals**
The city is cutting red tape, speeding up the process from planning to building.


Why This Matters:

– For Agents: More properties to sell, especially in high-density areas, and new market opportunities.

– For Property Owners: Potential for highest and best use of your property. You might now have options to develop or sell your land for much more valuable multi-unit projects, even in previously single-family areas.

– For Investors: Prime opportunity for in-fill multifamily development. Despite rising construction costs and higher interest rates, these new regulations make projects pencil out that wouldn’t have been feasible before. The elimination of parking requirements and allowance for higher density significantly improve project economics.


Real-World Impact:
Projects in transit-rich areas and underused urban spaces are booming. These success stories show how innovative policies can solve real housing problems.


ED-1 is transforming LA’s housing landscape. It’s creating more affordable options while opening up exciting opportunities for everyone in real estate. As these changes take hold, LA is showing other cities how to creatively tackle housing shortages.


This is a pivotal moment in LA’s real estate market. Understanding these changes is crucial for anyone looking to buy, sell, invest, or develop in the city’s future. The new regulations are making projects viable despite challenging market conditions, offering unique opportunities across the real estate spectrum.