August 29, 2023

In the dynamic realm of urban development, Assembly Bill 2334 (AB2334) emerges as a beacon of change, offering a promising path towards reshaping our communities. AB2334 brings forth a host of innovative changes to the State Density Bonus Law, particularly in the context of higher densities under community and general plans. Let’s explore the advantages this bill brings to the table.

Understanding Assembly Bill 2334:

AB2334 is a transformative piece of legislation that aims to elevate density-based development, especially in the realm of affordable housing projects. The bill introduces several key provisions that have the potential to reshape the urban landscape:

  1. Incentivizing Very Low Vehicle Travel Areas: AB2334 expands the ministerial development bonuses created for 100% affordable housing projects. Previously confined to areas around major transit stops, these bonuses now extend to developments within “very low vehicle travel areas.” These areas emphasize reduced vehicle reliance, aligning with sustainable urban development practices.
  2. Redefining Maximum Allowable Residential Density: AB2334 revises the definition of “maximum allowable residential density.” This new definition encompasses the highest number of units allowed under zoning, specific plans, or general plan land use designations, offering greater flexibility and consistency.
  3. Alternative Density Calculation Method: The bill introduces an alternative method to calculate density in areas without specific dwelling units per acre standards. This innovative approach relies on realistic development capacity assessments based on objective standards, ensuring accurate density calculations.

Advantages of Embracing Higher Densities:

AB2334’s provisions promise a range of advantages when it comes to embracing higher densities under community and general plans:

  1. Optimal Land Use: With expanded eligibility for ministerial bonuses and an updated definition of maximum allowable residential density, AB2334 could potentially double the permitted density on numerous properties citywide. This presents a unique opportunity to make the most of available land, a crucial factor in addressing housing shortages.
  2. Boosting Affordable Housing: AB2334’s emphasis on affordable housing development perfectly aligns with city goals. The incentives for increased densities provide developers with the impetus to incorporate affordable units, fostering inclusivity and diversity in our neighborhoods.
  3. Fostering Economic and Community Growth: The provisions of AB2334 open doors to economic growth by attracting businesses and generating job opportunities. Higher-density neighborhoods tend to be vibrant hubs of activity, offering a range of amenities and services.
  4. Aligning with Visionary Plans: AB2334’s promotion of higher densities seamlessly dovetails with the vision outlined in community and general plans. By providing a regulatory framework, the bill paves the way for these visionary plans to become reality.

Envisioning the Future:

The implementation of AB2334 holds the promise of reshaping our urban fabric. As we anticipate its effects, we can envision a landscape marked by innovative urban designs, shifts in real estate dynamics, and a flourishing social ecosystem within our communities.

This transformative legislation encourages collaboration between planning departments, developers, and community stakeholders to fully leverage its benefits. AB2334 offers a unique opportunity to transition seamlessly into higher-density projects that enhance the vibrancy, economic prospects, and overall quality of life in our city.

If the potential of AB2334 intrigues you, I invite you to delve deeper into its implications and join the ongoing conversation about urban development’s exciting evolution.

Feel free to reach out for more information, as we collectively embark on a journey towards dynamic, connected, and prosperous communities, inspired by the transformative power of Assembly Bill 2334.