ADU Reports
(Accessory Dwelling Units)

Brick Work provides ADU reports that analyzes single & multi family homes, and provides 3D models to show potential development.


ADU Report


Includes two scenarios massed in Revit
State and City ADU Requirements
Parking requirements
Maximum Buildable Area
Layout of ADU Units

What is in an ADU Report

ADU reports have 3D Revit massing, parking, maximum size of the unit, along with other information. The ADU report will give you the potential of your property and what it can be used for and how many units you can put on that parcel.

How to use our ADU Report

ADU reports are an excellent way for home owners, developers, and real estate agents to learn more about the potential of their property. With a report you’ll get a better idea of whether building an ADU is possible to help make your plans a reality.

How to use our ADU Report

Why You Need ADU Reports

Brick Work

Earn income

Create a unit to earn rental income

Create extra space

Create an office, art studio, gym

Guest house

A guest house for family and friends to stay over

Increase property value

Increases your property value

ADUs are on rise

Between 2018-2019 ADU permits in LA rose 65 percent

Retirement care

Creates retirement care homes for your loved ones

Preferred partner network

We have a network of architects, general contractors, civil engineers and modular home builders we can refer you to.



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Client Testimonials


Working with Brick Work gives me transparency into precisely what you can potentially build on the site, if its located in an opportunity zone, and who you need to contact in the local government. The first thing I do when I am working on a potential deal is to run it thru Brick Work. Recently they helped me closed on a $35,000,000 deal in south Los Angeles, and I will continue to use them in the future.

James Daughrity

Daughrity Real Estate

Brick Work has been a very useful tool for me and my team. We especially appreciate their quick turnaround time and their availability to answer our questions.

Laurie Lustig-Bower


We were Brick Work’s first user in 2018, since then we have closed on 44 land deals and underwritten hundreds more with their help.

Filip Niculete

Marcus Millichap


Provide answers to questions that people ask the most.

How do you determine the buildable square feet of my lot?

Every city has its own method in determining maximum buildable square footage. Some cities like LA City use Floor Area Ratio (FAR), while some cities use Parcel Coverage.

Are hillside properties SB9 qualified?
Yes. Hillside Properties can still be qualified for SB9. However we cannot accurately determine Maximum square footage without a slope band analysis.
Do all cities allow for flag lots?
No. Not all cities allow for flag lots.
Does the owner occupancy requirement apply to all SB9 properties?
Only Lot Splits require owner occupancy.
Are the new units required to be under rent control?
If it was being rented before and built before 1979 it would be affected by rent stabilization, but if it was owner occupied and you are just building a new unit, then it would not be affected by rent stabilization.