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We help you navigate complicated city zoning data to unlock the potential of your property to build an ADU, SFR, Duplexes and high rise apartment towers.


Our sister company Irvine & Associates are land-use consultants helping multifamily developers entitle and permit projects all over Los Angeles and Orange County.


Alex Irvine

CEO + Founder

John Jung

CMO + Founder

Carlos Lovato

Senior Analyst

Anton Amirkhanian

Land Use Analyst

Sergio Gardea

GIS Analyst

Anahi Chavarria

Architectural Intern

Kevin Birnbaum

Operations Manager


CA is short 900,000 units. The U.S. needs five million to keep up with demand.

  • Barrier of Entry – City Zoning Laws are costly and difficult to satisfy.
  • Global Supply Chain crisis and labor shortage have increased costs to build.


ADU laws have created a streamlined approach to adding units in California.

Senate Bill 9 – 6 million single family homes are qualified to build 4 units. 410,000 are market feasibile according to the Terner Housing Center potentially creating 1.6 million in housing.

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