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We help you navigate complicated city zoning data to unlock the potential of your property to build an ADU, SFR, Duplexes and high rise apartment towers.


Our sister company Irvine & Associates are land-use consultants helping multifamily developers entitle and permit projects all over Los Angeles and Orange County.


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CEO + Founder

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Land Use Analyst

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Architectural Analyst

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Operations Manager


Addressing the Housing Shortfall: California’s housing crisis is at a critical point, with a need for 3.5 million additional homes to accommodate its residents. This shortfall is part of a larger national issue, as the entire United States faces a deficit of seven million units to keep pace with the growing demand for housing. The numbers highlight a pressing need for solutions that can swiftly close this gap and provide housing for millions.

The path forward involves tackling the complexities of zoning laws that currently hinder the development of new homes. By streamlining these regulations, we aim to remove significant barriers to building affordable and accessible housing. Our goal is to create a more straightforward process that will encourage the construction of homes across California and the nation, making it easier for communities to grow and thrive.


In the face of these daunting housing shortages, both California and federal lawmakers have been proactive in enacting a series of legislative measures aimed at mitigating the complexities of urban development and streamlining the approval processes for new housing projects. Notably, the passage of state housing bills such as SB 9 and SB 10 exemplifies a significant shift towards reducing municipal control over zoning and development approvals, thereby facilitating the construction of multifamily units in areas previously zoned exclusively for single-family homes. These legislative efforts are designed to expedite the development process, offering a clearer path for developers to contribute to the closing of the housing gap. Additionally, incentives are being reconsidered to align with the current economic landscape, recognizing the need to address the financial viability of projects amidst fluctuating interest rates and escalating labor costs.

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