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SB9 Opportunity in
Single Family Zones

As cities are gearing up for the implementation of Senate Bill 9; so has Brick Work. We have not only started creating a new line of SB9 reports, but have also started working on potential owner-builder partnerships with homeowners! To find out more information and be a part of these partnerships, click the button below!


Affordable housing issues, homelessness and environmental impact is plaguing Los Angeles and other cities around the world. These problems require herculean effort with both the private sector and local governments. At Brick Work, we bring together the technology and people needed to meet the challenges of rapid urbanization by providing a platform that encourages collaboration between developers, real estate agents, and municipalities. Our knowledge of City, County and State regulations can provide insight on potential development through our Land Use, ADU and SB9 Reports.

ADU Reports

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) are a cost-effective way of adding housing to single and multiple family properties. Recent state law has provided for a more streamlined permit process for this type of housing. However, jurisdictions have implemented this law differently. Our Brick Work ADU report helps our users understand the potential their homes have to incorporate an ADU/JADU.

Land Use Reports

Developing, redeveloping or investing in land can be extremely challenging. Properties are regulated by multiple layers of law and policy which can severely impact development potential. Obtaining this information can be extremely costly and time consuming. At Brick Work, we have a comprehensive understanding of planning and zoning regulations, city policies and state legislation that are incorporated into our Land Use Reports. We are able quickly provide our users with information relating to maximum residential units, floor area, height, setbacks and more. Order one today!


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Alex Irvine

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John Jung

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