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We Are Land Use Experts

Brick Work embodies a commitment to making the labyrinth of city zoning laws and regulations more approachable. Our mission is to empower our clients, enabling them to construct quality housing with the right knowledge and tools.

Through our profound comprehension of regulations across city, county, and state levels, we offer potential development insights via our specialized Multifamily Development, ADU, and SB9 Reports.

Our Solutions

Unlock the potential of your lot using our ADU, SB-9 and Multifamily Development Reports

SB9 Reports

Brick Work provides a SB9 Report that will show you the highest and best use for your qualified single family lot.
ADU Reports

ADU Reports

Brick Work provides ADU reports that analyzes single family homes, and provides 3D models to show potential development.

Multifamily Development Reports

Brick Work provides urban in-fill development reports that detail how many units you can build & much more.

Client Testimonials


Working with Brick Work gives me transparency into precisely what you can potentially build on the site, if its located in an opportunity zone, and who you need to contact in the local government. The first thing I do when I am working on a potential deal is to run it thru Brick Work. Recently they helped me closed on a $35,000,000 deal in south Los Angeles, and I will continue to use them in the future.

James Daughrity

Daughrity Real Estate

Brick Work has been a very useful tool for me and my team. We especially appreciate their quick turnaround time and their availability to answer our questions.

Laurie Lustig-Bower


We were Brick Work’s first user in 2018, since then we have closed on 44 land deals and underwritten hundreds more with their help.

Filip Niculete

Marcus Millichap